What is Object-based Storage or OBS? OBS is a storage architecture for computers that manages files as objects instead of a structured hierarchical file-system based on block sizes, like FAT or NTFS. What this means is that OBS is much more flexible when it comes to storage.

In fact, it's very cheap for Enterprises and Cloud Server Providers (CSP) to implement and maintain. It offers nearly limitless storage capacity as consumers can just add more and more cheap disk to expand capacity. Typically CSPs will sell OBS for as little as .01-.03 cents (USD) per gigabyte. This makes it a great solution to offload archival data and backups that consume huge amounts of space but typically are seldom used. Usually bandwidth is free during ingestion but is charged only for egress or outboard traffic.

Why is this relevant to Neverfail HybriStor?

OBS doesn't have deduplication. This is critical to storage cost reduction as HybriStor can be backed by S3 which the AWS protocol for OBS.

There are many other providers that support S3 such as IBM, Wasabi, and Digital Ocean to name a few. Front-ending HybriStor onto an S3 provider can further drive down storage costs up to 20x (depending on the data) at Hybristor capacity. What that means to consumers is OBS pricing is reduced to as much as a thousandth of a cent (USD) per gigabyte.

When you're talking about 100's of terabytes of storage, the HybriStor cost justifies itself easily. If you're an MSP and charging current market storage cost of .10-.35 cents (USD) per gigabyte for backup archival storage, its a no brainer. Your margins increase substantially and is very profitable.

The Bottom Line

Hybristor provides inline-deduplication and compression, which maximizes storage consumption. Neverfail has customers that are getting 20:1 reduction rations using Veeam Backup and Replication. HybriStor is also Veeam certified. The numbers are very compelling for Veeam service providers using OBS.  Typical infrastructure and support costs for OBS is around .001-.003 cents (USD) per gigabyte. At 20:1, your cost is around .00005-.00015 cents (USD) per gigabyte at capacity.

Neverfail shows an average reduction ratio of 6.1. Even then with .001 cent (USD) per gigabyte for infrastructure and support cost; HybriStor still can enable reduction in storage cost, .00016 cents (USD) per gigabyte at capacity.

So why is Object-based storage so important? Well the numbers speak for themselves. It's a very low cost storage solution on its own but when used with HybriStor, there is a VERY compelling case whether you are a MSP, CSP or an Enterprise.

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