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Explosive data growth slows down data center performance and increases the amount of storage space required to maintain a proper backup and recovery environment. As data grows, storage inefficiencies grow with it and make the management of sprawling virtual machine ecosystems and the responsibility of keeping data highly available a nightmare for backup administrators.

HybriStor and Veeam Cloud Connect combined simplify data protection and eliminate redundant copies of data at the source. Consolidating your Veeam backup and archive data onto a high-powered, low-cost secondary storage solution can allow you to keep up with explosive data growth and keep data highly available at a fraction of traditional costs.

How it works - Deduplication that delivers globally

With intelligent read patterns that can find duplicate copies of data across your physical and virtual ecosystem (including all locations or client sites), HybriStor deduplicates data at the source. It sends only individually unique data blocks across your network and into storage. This technology increases network performance and decreases the burden on storage administrators that need quick and efficient backup and recovery windows.

HybriStor can reduce your cost per gigabyte to fractions of a penny with global deduplication that runs in addition to Veeam’s job-based deduplication. What’s more, HybriStor can scale as you do.

HybriStor and Veeam: Providing better backups

Backing up and making data highly available has become a critical requirement for IT departments. While some secondary storage technologies claim a seamless integration with Veeam, only HybriStor is purpose-built and optimized for Veeam to maximize your data protection efforts while lowering your costs.

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Download the FREE Veeam and HybriStor data sheet

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