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Hurricane Florence was quickly approaching the Eastern seaboard. Four states and Washington D.C. were in a state of emergency. In Virginia, Calvary Revival Church was making plans to prepare for wind damage and possible flooding.

Joe, the IT Network Administrator at the church, had been looking at backup services for the last 8 months. What was holding them up was the expense of backup services from the larger providers, especially backing up data in real-time. Needing to backup two 32 terabyte servers was becoming an increasingly daunting task. And, Florence wasn't helping his situation.

He initially turned to Veeam knowing that they had excellent cloud backup options. But, after describing his situation, Veeam highly recommended Joe turn to Neverfail. Joe put in a call to Neverfail, and that's when things turned around for him quickly.

The Crisis Situation

He explained that he had a problem concerning backups: he hadn’t done one in about a year. What he did have was two 32 terabyte backup servers on-premise, between two large buildings on the church's campus. Since their systems were housed in two large buildings, more than 300 yards apart, he had felt that they were protected. Hurricane Florence changed his perspective on that.

Joe contacted Neverfail around 11am EST, the day before Hurricane Florence was to hit Virginia. The Neverfail Cloud Backup team went straight to working on a solution for Joe.

The Solution

First the Cloud Backup team focused on backing up the LAN, making sure those backups were successful and then configured cloud access to Neverfail Cloud. In all, the Neverfail team helped Joe back-up 4 virtual servers and 2 LAN servers. Within a day, Calvary Revival Church’s data was entirely protected before the storm hit.

Joe noted that the Neverfail technical support was stellar. Once he was up and running with Cloud Backup, Joe sent an email to the technical support team with a question. He was contacted within 15 minutes, something he did not expect so quickly.

Stellar Customer Service

On the follow-up, Neverfail stayed in contact with Joe until he felt comfortable and secure with their new cloud service.

Everyone has a solution, but not everyone sees you all the way through. Neverfail did that for me.

C. Joe Blow

IT Network Administrator, Calvary Revival Church

Neverfail stayed in contact with Joe to make sure he was comfortable with the fact that the church's information was now secure. Joe had never experienced that level of cloud customer service in the past.

In all, Joe learned some valuable lessons. First, doing business with Neverfail is more like a partnership than working with just a provider. Second, disaster preparedness is more than big buildings. It takes a cloud solution, like Neverfail Cloud Backup, to truly prepare someone from data loss. Neverfail is delighted to be working with Joe and Calvary Revival Church!

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