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Form I-9 Compliance provides a range of business critical documentation and fi9-logoidentity verification services for over 2000 client firms ranging from small businesses to very large Fortune 500 companies. 

They worked with Neverfail to lower their operating and capital costs, modernize the infrastructure supporting their web-delivered service, and improve the resiliency of their systems.

The Challenge: Reduce Costs While Maintaining Resiliency

Form I-9 had originally built out its own data centers for hosting the company’s services, including a remote failover site. They equipped their data centers with Neverfail Continuity Engine, which enabled them to seamlessly failover to their remote site and recover back to their production servers in the event of an outage.

Eventually, the company recognized that it was facing a major decision based on its rapid growth: Continue investing in their own data center for their production servers or move the entire operation to the cloud.

The Solution: Migrate Production Servers to Neverfail Private Cloud

Form I-9 approached Neverfail about using its Tier 4 Gold certified data center in Las Vegas and Private Cloud services for the company’s production environment. Neverfail was able to provide a clear, comprehensive quote for all services, including engineering time, required to make the move as well as operate the new environment on a long term basis.

"Hosting our service on the Neverfail Private Cloud has given us the ability to scale up as needed. We can now meet any transaction volume requirement to satisfy any new clients and partners. 

Chas Patterson, CIO

Form I-9 Compliance

The Form I-9 team developed a migration plan utilizing Neverfail’s “white glove” migration services. This saved enormous amounts of time for the Form I-9 team, removed uncertainty, and eliminated many sources of stress for the team.

After implementation, Form I-9 produced detailed financial projections that had shown major cost savings. Not only would their data center related capital costs be reduced to zero, their operating costs could go down as well. They found that, in practice, their operating costs went down more than expected and are currently running twenty percent less than before they made the migration.

The Form I-9 case study is just one example of how Neverfail delivers business continuity and cloud solutions, especially for digital transformation needs. You can download the case study from the link below to learn the entire story. Discover what Form I-9 learned - Neverfail can help you protect your data and scale to fit your business needs, all at the same time!

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