Neverfail has a long history of collaboration with VMware. Neverfail HA/DR technology is at the core of VMware® vCenter Server Heartbeat™, the high availability solution for VMware vCenter Server. The experience has given Neverfail unparalleled insights into opportunities to deliver solutions that enhance business continuity for customers running VMware vSphere and other products.

Neverfail extends the scope of VMware

VMware provides for protection of virtualized infrastructure; however, recent changes enacted in vCenter 5.x and 6.x have created gaps in business continuity planning and operations. Fortunately, Neverfail Continuity Engine can extend the scope of VMware’s business continuity functionality. Below are a few examples:

  • Provides host-based high availability focused on Continuous Data Protection (near zero downtime)
  • Detecting application failures running on VMs (complete application awareness)
  • Protects multiple hypervisors, Windows OS and applications across the entire server inventory
  • Easy to install and easy to use

Furthermore, Continuity Engine provides and complements VMware virtualization-based solutions to provide complete protection in at least three single site deployment models:

  1. Single local vCenter server with embedded or external Platform Services controller
  2. Clustered local Windows based vCenter Server with external controller
  3. Load Balanced vCenter Servers with external controllers
Continuity Engine is a part of Neverfail’s business continuity management product portfolio. Optimized for use in VMware virtualized environments, the product’s capabilities are a superset of those found in VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat but with a highly simplified and automated deployment process.

Continuity Engine’s deep integration with VMware provides complementary add-on HA/DR value in addition to, or an alternative to, the native VMware BC/DR oriented solutions such as HA and SRM. Regardless of the approach you take, consider Continuity Engine capabilities for use in your vCenter protection strategy.

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Learn more about Neverfail with VMware 

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