Mitel, the recognized leader in Unified Communications providing mission-critical telecommunications infrastructure, came to Neverfail looking to enhance their MiContact Center Business application with world-class continuity technology. MiContact Center is critical to operating a customer experience center. It provides a Workflow Designer, IVR, Contact Recording, Quality Monitoring, Workforce Scheduling, Historical Reporting and Real-Time Dashboards. This application suite quickly became paramount for their customers. If these systems go down, call management comes to a halt.

Neverfail Continuity Engine is proven, real-time business continuity software with recovery point and recovery time objectives measured in seconds to a minute or two. This is the level of protection customer experience centers need since downtime can be costly to their customers.


Continuous Availability and Failover Protection

Neverfail Product Management worked in conjunction with the MiContact Center team to design a plugin that adds application awareness to Continuity Engine to respond to application performance and availability events.  The new plugin, Neverfail for Mitel MiContact Center, provides real-time service availability monitoring, performance and application health monitoring. This is key to enabling intelligent application aware failover. The plugin does this by monitoring performance and WMI counters that provide threshold rule sets. This sets a baseline for acceptable performance. In addition, the Mitel plugin also performs user layer operations to simulate access to the MiContact Center web service.

Goal: Meeting SLAs with Faster Deployments

The goal of the plugin design was to protect MiContact Center on both very small deployments, where all services and databases are hosted on the same server, and an enterprise deployment, where the application, database and web services are distributed across multiple Microsoft Windows servers.

The plugin also ensures that every MiContact Center deployment is implemented with consistent baseline rules ensuring SLAs can be met. In addition, this allows for fast and efficient wide scale deployments for Mitel customers. Continuity Engine replicates critical application data by a list of directories that have inclusion and exclusion filters in real-time while protecting critical register keys that store changing application configuration information.

Results: Continuity Services Restored Within Seconds

This culminated in a MiContact Center application that now has intelligent continuity services. It enables very fast restoration of communication management services within seconds without the Mitel team having to build their own solution. Mitel leveraged the more than 20 years of business continuity and disaster recovery experience of the Neverfail team to quickly bring a reliable solution to market.

Since December 2017, Continuity Engine has been protecting critical MiContact Center applications continually. The new Mitel MiContact Center Plug-in is included in the Neverfail branded Continuity Engine release. Additional information can be found in the MiCC 9.0 Release Notes pages 7-8.

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