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J O Hambro Capital Management (JOHCM) is an international asset manager providing specialist long and short-term fund management and quality risk assessments to experienced investors, including private banks, family offices, funds, sophisticated private investors and professional intermediaries.

The Challenge

JOHCM relies on regular and open communications between fund managers and investors to maintain capital growth and develop investment portfolios. Unimpeded access to critical customer and transaction data has always been a priority, but in the past, JOHCM was able to rely on third party affiliates such as Bloomberg to display this critical customer data, even if internal IT systems were to fail.

A substantial change to the company’s disaster recovery (DR) requirements came when a sister company, James Hambro & Partners (JH&P), was established and the six hour downtime window supported by the VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager™ was no longer adequate. 

To verify the organization’s ability to support critical services continuously in the event of an IT failure, as required by SLAs, AAF accreditation from Ernst & Young was needed. To meet the criteria laid out by the AAF, a full DR migration proving JOHCM’s ability to failover to the DR site at the click of a button was expected. This accreditation was essential to JOHCM’s competitive positioning, and the business’ ability to attract new corporate and private investors.

The Solution

Selection Services provided IT systems support for JOHCM. They concluded that JOHCM's existing VMware solution was unable to support the business’ changing continuity requirements. They undertook an assessment of alternative solutions, opting to implement Neverfail’s Continuous Availability Suite to protect the primary Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, IIS, File Server, Oracle, Sage SalesLogix environments, as well as additional custom applications.

“Before Neverfail, making the decision to failover to the secondary site was a tricky one, as we had to be prepared for the systems to be up to six hours out of step. This was a major issue, particularly for applications such as Exchange servers which are heavily relied upon by on-site and off-site staff for up-to-the-minute information. Now, the decision is simple; applications can be seamlessly transferred to the DR site in the event of an outage or even for ad-hoc maintenance work without disruption to everyday workflows.”

Lisa Corden

Head of Technology, J O Hambro

Neverfail vXtender and Neverfail WANSmart™ technology were also implemented to optimize control of the failover across the WAN, meaning that whether a failure occurs in the operating system, hardware component, software application, or somewhere within the network, the business will always be online.

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