Ipswitch, a global company in the Managed File Transfer market, provides a secure file transfer application that is critical to the operations of banking and finance, healthcare, government, education, insurance and retail. In many cases, the data that is being transferred is very sensitive and timely. Ipswitch MOVEit has become a highly critical application and in some cases can even result in financial losses if this very important technology is not operational.

Establishing Instantaneous Failover

Goal: Increase High Availability Capability 

Although Ipswitch already had a High Availability (HA) solution built-in, they approached Neverfail because of our expertise in the area of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery to provide intelligent failover of both MOVEit Transfer and Automation (formally MOVEit Central and DMZ). The existing HA solution was limited on its capabilities, and the Ipswitch team considered whether to build it versus OEM’ing an already established and mature continuity software. Partnering with Neverfail allowed Ipswitch to focus on that they do best: producing world-class Managed File Transfer enterprise software. 

Before Neverfail Continuity Engine was formally selected by Ipswitch, their team put Continuity Engine to the test. Neverfail co-sold a few initial accounts that demonstrated the value of the continuous availability model even before the native plugin was developed. Continuity Engine provides an Application Management Framework that enables any application running on Microsoft Windows to be protected. It provides basic protection of services and the ability to easily define directories that require replication within the Continuity Engine UI. These first few deployments were very successful, but there was room for deeper integration.

Results: Access-Control Over Ipswitch's Newest Plugin 

Neverfail Product Management then worked with Ipswitch to define a set of counters that Continuity Engine could use to assess the health of the MOVEit application. Performance counters, along with testing access to the MOVEit application web services via API, increased the ability for Continuity Engine to detect application-based anomalies.

In addition, the plugin was designed to support a single server model and a distributed services model across multiple Windows servers. This included the already existing MySQL plug-in.

Finally, from a licensing perspective, Neverfail provides 3rd party ISVs, such as Ipswitch and others, with the ability to control who has access to their plug-in through our granular licensing model. Therefore, ISVs can resell Neverfail branded Continuity Engine directly so only their customers have access to these services. This gives them better control over the sales process and allows them to sell value to their customers.

Today, the Ipswitch System Plug-in for MOVEit Transfer and Automation are included natively in the Neverfail branded release product. For even more information, visit the Ipswitch website on Neverfail Failover Manager for Ipswitch MOVEit.

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