Real estate transactions require immediate access to funds and quick turnarounds. Couple that with the real estate buyer who is anxious to place an offer or nervous about closing on time, and you have the potential for disaster if all does not run as planned. 

Equitable Bank thrives on customer service and, as one of the top ten lenders for residential mortgages in Wisconsin, needed a technology solution that would ensure that their customer service went deeper than personal contact. To maintain its edge, Equitable Bank had to ensure continuous availability on the technology side.

The Challenges

Equitable Bank needed to ensure that 12 separate banking locations could access its Microsoft Exchange Server and SQL database. It became clear that a continuous availability solution was required so each remote site could always access critical banking information contained in the database. An inability to access the database could bring lending operation to a halt, affecting the bank’s reputation. In addition, a customers’ ability to purchase real estate or obtain funding for other needs via their loan closing could be brought to a halt.

Server downtime means less productivity and revenue for Equitable Bank. However, the greatest impact to any disruption of the lending process is the direct effect on the customer, threatening their perception of Equitable Bank as a reliable partner. The bank’s reputation was at stake.

The Solution

Ultimately, Equitable Bank chose Continuity Engine to ensure continuous availability to its server environments. Neverfail now ensures that these servers, which are directly linked to mortgage lending and customer banking information, run uninterrupted.

“After introducing Continuity Engine into our production environment, we experienced a situation that caused the primary Exchange server to stop performing, resulting in an immediate failover to the secondary server for two days. During that time, no customer or employee was aware there was a problem. Continuity Engine worked perfectly despite our dissimilar hardware.”

Michael Block

VP, ISO, ITO Equitable Bank

Equitable Bank is also now able to maximize the processing of mortgage loans and increase efficiency in the decision-making process by giving all bank sites always-on access to database information.

To learn more, you can download the Equitable Bank case study, as well as the Continuity Engine data sheet, from the links provided below. Discover what Equitable Bank learned - Neverfail can protect you from downtime so your business is uninterrupted!

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