For as long as I can remember, IT has been challenged to “do more with less.” Shrinking budgets and limited resources have often lead IT departments to use Band-Aid solutions to keep up with the rapid rate of change in technology. But as the business scales, and the need for resilient solutions becomes a requirement rather than an option, IT must find new ways to keep up. That’s why Neverfail has spent over a decade focusing on enabling IT service providers, both internal and external, to unlock their hidden superpowers and reach the full potential of their businesses. Since we’ve developed and perfected the Neverfail IT Empowerment Suite, I’ve seen real life IT men and women become superheroes – delivering on and exceeding the expectations of their companies and their customers.

Today, every business needs IT superheroes. Companies are quickly realizing that technology has evolved from a cost center to profit center and is crucial to the success of the business. As the underlying backbone of business, technology solutions cannot go down. If they do, the whole business can expect to see a visible and measurable loss of revenue and reputation. Websites like exist today because users of all sites and applications are becoming exceptionally impatient, directing their business to competitors within seconds of being unable to access their intended destination.

Because IT has gained such a significant importance in a relatively short amount of time, the two foundational things that matter most to IT providers, regardless of internal or external delivery, are scale and resilience. To scale and be resilient means to be able to not only do more with less, but also move away from Vitamins to Aspirin. Technology has become the most fundamentally important function of any business model. IT has to be prepared to keep the business continually running, regardless of the threats technology receives, delivering on strict SLAs that the business needs to close larger deals and eliminate risk.

Scaling Your Business Efficiently

Let’s talk about scalability, or doing more with less. While a lot of IT professionals are frustrated with those circumstances, few have a way around it. Let’s use a real life example.

You attend a birthday party where there is cake promised to all eight attendees. However, due to budget, the party host could only afford a cake pre-cut and made to feed four. So what are your options? You could feed four of the eight party-goers a full slice (i.e. doing less with less). You could cut those four slices in half and feed all eight (i.e. doing the same with less). Or, you could cut the slices twice, into twelve bite-sized pieces as to feed eight plus another four. Traditionally, this is the result of adhering to the expectation of doing more with less. Goals are met, but with less substance. While this may not seem like a practical business model, this is the harsh reality IT professionals are facing every day.

With Neverfail’s IT Empowerment Suite, you won’t be asked to stretch your budget thin to reach your goals. Each solution within the suite is designed to maximize your budget by lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO) and eliminating the headaches and the resources required to deliver on your goals. Not to mention, our continuous improvement/continuous delivery (CI/CD) model promotes constant change and feature enrichment to meet or exceed your expectations for quality of service.

Driving Resilient Services

The other side of the coin, resiliency, is a different beast to tackle. IT providers can only anticipate natural disasters as quickly as the weatherman, and it only takes a power outage to bring a company down for hours. Additionally, smaller threats such as human error and clumsy fingers are essentially unavoidable in a world that’s not dominated by robots. Companies are expected to remain up and running 100% of the time, and every minute or second of downtime could mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue or reputation. In the event of an outage, IT is the first department in the executive crosshairs.

The Neverfail IT Empowerment Suite takes an approach to proactively prevent downtime, or avoid it altogether. Stopping downtime before it happens allows companies to continually innovate while meeting strict SLAs that help the business close more deals by keeping their critical applications running 24/7. With a comprehensive approach to data, application, and infrastructure protection, Neverfail reduces the amount of overhead burdening your recovery staff, allowing for next level disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities.

Becoming an IT Superhero

IT is faced every day with challenges that keep them from achieving their goals of scalability and resiliency including lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), battling strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs), mitigating security threats, and managing explosive data growth. Because of this, Neverfail is dedicated to driving success for internal and external IT service providers globally, so much so that we don’t stop until they are recognized as IT Superheroes in their organization. With the applied resources of our IT Empowerment Suite and assistance from our industry experts, including Captain Neverfail himself, IT is quickly growing a league for Guardians of Technology.

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