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RunBiz’s client base includes a number of financial services and energy firms who absolutely depend on them to deliver continuous uptime for their IT systems.

The company wanted to develop a new Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) offering utilizing Veeam backup software. As a satisfied user of the Neverfail Cloud for over five years, the RunBiz team turned to Neverfail for ideas on the best way to approach building out a solution, and, as a result, was introduced to Neverfail’s HybriStor global deduplication storage appliance.

Reduce Costs and Complexity

The RunBiz team understood that their customers needed highly responsive and capable DRaaS solutions that would have their critical systems back up and running in minutes in the event of a problem. However, RunBiz also knew that most clients are willing to allocate only so much of their IT budget to backup solutions. Clients look at backup systems as insurance: necessary but something to spend as little on as possible. They tend to, not unreasonably, prioritize spending on new or improved operational capabilities that support business growth.

Therefore, RunBiz had to balance two primary objectives: Rapid restoration capabilities and reduced costs while also creating a great bottom line margin service. They considered utilizing a tiered storage architecture, but this was limiting in several ways, including increased complexity and an inability to scale cost effectively. What they needed was an approach that would enable them to grow their new DRaaS business and achieve higher levels of efficiency as they added more clients and more sites.

“We needed a way to take the deduplicated data produced by Veeam backup jobs, aggregate it together, and apply another round of global deduplication. This would not only substantially reduce our costs, it would improve the performance of our DRaaS system. HybriStor was a perfect fit and it’s proving out to decrease our total storage requirement by right around 95%, which helps our bottom line tremendously.”

Drew Terrell
Owner, RunBiz Solutions

The Solution

With HybriStor, RunBiz found a solution that could consistently meet the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) expectations of their clients. Additionally, RunBiz was able to dedupe global data by 90% and are seeing 19:1 deduplication, helping their business drive down costs, increase margins, and improve data efficiencies at scale.

HybriStor’s ability to access object stores and quickly restore large pools of deduplicated data means that RunBiz enjoys ensured scalability for its DRaaS offering. As the number of facilities using the system and the amount of storage required increases above 100 terabytes, RunBiz will be able to leverage low cost object storage without compromising system performance.

Most importantly, with HybriStor’s hub-and-spoke deduplication design, RunBiz was able to reduce storage capacity by 95%.hub-and-spoke-3

The overall result was lower costs and higher margins for their Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service solution.

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