Neverfail Workspaces is an easy-to-use, instantly available solution that creates a security wrapper around your sensitive data and applications. It keeps everything off your devices and within our secure cloud, shielding your data from unauthorized access. 

Users experience the same full-featured software they are familiar with, while adding freedom and improved productivity of accessing their applications and data from any device, anywhere. It also helps keep costs under control while reducing business risk and keeping your data safe.

Increased productivity. Tighter security. Zero compromise.

  • Expand protection beyond Cloud-based applications: The system protects ALL of your sensitive information, including everything that’s not stored in any cloud-based applications (like Salesforce, Concur, or Office365). It also handles your accounting and billing systems, HR tools, transcription applications, email, and anything else that contains sensitive data.
  • Encrypted storage: Neverfail Workspaces is enabled by the secure Neverfail Cloud, which provides a comprehensive encrypted storage platform by default. All Workspaces instances are deployed in our Tier 4 data centers using state-of-the-art storage systems with full encryption at the disk layer.
  • Reduce costs and simplify operations: Neverfail Workspaces lets you eliminate complicated VPNs and reduces the need for expensive encryption systems, which simplifies your implementations and makes maintenance less time consuming. You can use existing servers if you like, and the system’s very light footprint means your customers can save money by delaying expensive hardware upgrades.

Intuitive user interface

Neverfail Workspaces presents an intuitive, responsive application portal with all the apps and data needed to do the job. Plus, users can use any device, including their own, from any location, all without compromising security. Simply log-in and get to work. Neverfail Workspaces boosts the efficiency of operations by enabling people to work from any location, any time, using any device. Best of all, your business can get up and running with Neverfail Workspaces in just a few hours.

Neverfail Workspaces architecture

Our unique gated application architecture controls access to sensitive data and applications, ensuring that client devices do not become weak points in the security system.

It removes the challenges typically seen with disparate end points and creates a standardized method for accessing applications and data, without the issues associated with traditional methods.

Neverfail Workspaces Architecture-NF-Cloud-2017-01-05

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