Centurum, an IT provider, is at the center of multiple federal government agencies’ efforts to build and deploy effective worldwide wired and wireless Netcentric communications solutions. The government’s Netcentric initiative is a continuously evolving, complex community of people, devices, information, and services interconnected by a communications network designed to achieve optimal benefit of resources and better synchronization of events.

The Challenge

Centurum was created from the merger of three commonly-owned, affiliated companies. Now under one corporate umbrella, these companies each exist as separate business units:  Centurum Technical Solutions, Centurum Information Technology and Centurum Information Operations. Bringing the business units together with disparate systems in place and unifying them was a challenge for the Centurum IT team.

As part of the overall technology plan, Centurum’s IT department was chartered with a migration of 450 users to the latest version of Microsoft® Exchange. After an audit of the data center and systems, the department also decided it was time to put a disaster recovery solution in place to protect Centurum’s valuable applications and data and to protect the communication flow that is critical to its clients.

The Solution

All three Centurum business units began the evaluation process; they were searching for a solution that supported WAN-based disaster recovery over T1 lines to keep costs down. A strong vendor relationship with Microsoft also was important, as well as a laundry list of features to ensure availability.

Centurum evaluated several products and was impressed with the Neverfail solutions. Ultimately, Neverfail Continuity Engine won the evaluation process, and Centurum implemented it to protect its email server environments. Centurum also selected Continuity Engine to protect its rapidly evolving network of databases.

"I can’t stress enough that we have zero tolerance for downtime. With Continuity Engine in place, we are confident that our applications are protected and assured that our business processes are safe, no matter what."

Perry Golden

Senior Systems Engineer, Centurum 

Within a matter of a few days, the Neverfail technical team got Continuity Engine up and running. Furthermore, working with the Centurum IT team, they were able to sync up the servers to ensure continuity of all communications with no loss of email or related data.

The Centurum case study is just one example of how Neverfail delivers business continuity solutions, even for the most sensitive data. You can download the case study from the link below to learn the entire story. Discover what Centurum learned - Neverfail can help you protect your data and mission-critical applications!

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