Ashurst is a leading international law firm established in 1822. They have offices and clients around the world who depend on them for advice and legal services supporting large scale mergers and acquisitions, procurements, bond offerings, and other transactions. Their headquarters are in London, England.

The Challenges

The firm’s management realized they needed to implement a business continuity system after a major snow storm shut down their New York offices for a full week. While they were able to recover operations using the disaster recovery system they had in place, that process took two days. The delay was costly for the organization in terms of billing and could have damaged the firm’s reputation as a trusted partner in a crisis situation.

Even a few hours of downtime was unacceptable. The direct cost of a single hour of downtime in one office can easily top £10,000 GBP, making it clear that the RTO had to be measured in minutes and seconds, and not days and hours. In addition, given the nature of the firm’s business, the team needed a system that would ensure access to 100% of the files and applications used in any given office on a 24/7/365 basis.

The team also determined that they needed a system that would automatically failover in the event of an application-level issue. Depending on a manual failover process was not an option given their tight RTO requirements.

The Solution

The team did their research and discovered Continuity Engine, which ended up succeeding in Ashurst's Proof-of-Concept testing. 

“As a major law firm, our business depends on maintaining the respect and trust of some of the largest public and private organizations in the world. We must be able to continue operations regardless of the scale of any disaster or IT issue. Our clients expect it, and we are able to deliver on that thanks to our implementation of Continuity Engine in our data centers around the globe.”

Senior VP of IT Operations


Today, Ashurst can depend on High Availability IT systems powered by Continuity Engine at all of its worldwide offices. Their staff can continue to work and access their document management systems, databases, and printing systems — all critical to the functions of a law firm — with no disruptions in the event of any type of outage, including routine system maintenance or hardware and software upgrades.

To learn more, you can download the Ashurst case study, as well as the Continuity Engine data sheet, from the links provided below. Discover what Ashurst learned - Neverfail can help you protect your data and mission-critical applications!

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