When you understand the anatomy of an outage and all of its stages, you can plan effectively and make good decisions. You can also develop proposals to take to management that they will understand in business terms.

Don’t be fooled by a “failover in minutes” pitch. It’s easy to avoid overpromising and under delivering when you understand all the implications – and the costs – associated with each stage of an outage.

Stage Review

  • Awareness - Figure out if you are having an outage and understand what is causing it.

  • Resolution - Decide on how to fix the problem. Is it a quick fix or is a failover required?

  • Failover - Assuming there is no quick fix, failover to your backup systems.

  • Recovery - restore services to your production servers/site and reinstitute your normal BC/DR practices.

The Solution

Neverfail’s Continuity Engine provides comprehensive protection against single points of failure to ensure that applications are continually running and operational for serving critical business services. These include:

      • Server Protection

      • Application Protection

      • Network Protection

      • Performance Protection

      • Data Protection

      • Site Protection

By leveraging years of experience and a mature set of proven technologies, Neverfail Continuity Engine applies a broad range of availability concepts to delivering continuous availability and disaster recovery for all types of applications and workloads in any IT organization.

Combining modular elements of data replication, server clustering, network management, and application-centric monitoring of key performance indicators, Continuity Engine provides total protection for your critical business services and associated applications, ensuring 24/7 avail-ability regardless of any threats to uptime. It is the only application-aware IT continuity solution focused on eliminating the risk of downtime before it can impact any critical business service or application that the business depends on.

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