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Critical applications, ranging from email and websites to databases and mobile information platforms, are in continuous use and need to be continuously available. High availability demands that these applications are highly available, their data is continuously protected and that in the event of planned or unplanned IT outages (including disaster scenarios) they continue to operate without user disruption.

Neverfail’s mission is simple; to protect these systems using the most resilient business continuity solutions in the world. With a wide range of offerings that utilize highly secure, geographically dispersed data centers, Neverfail works with partners to develop and implement cost-effective, bulletproof DR strategies.


After confirming there really is an outage and you’ve determined that there is no quick fix, you have to failover to backup systems. With unplanned outages, you must ensure that your data is complete and not corrupted, and that the resources are available to complete the failover process successfully. If any one of these assumptions is not true, your ability to recover that data will be compromised, if recovery is even possible.

One of your biggest risk factors in making your DR or BC plan is right here. You must take the actions necessary to ensure that all the elements – people, equipment, communications, network connectivity, and so on – are in place and working so an unplanned failover will always result in a successful recovery.


At this point, you have to restore services to your production servers or site and reinstitute your normal BC/DR practices. If you don’t do it now, you’re putting your operation at severe risk; what if another outage occurs before then?

Most solutions require some downtime during the failover process to re-synchronize data and to establish user connections to the backup environment. The same process has to occur again, but in reverse, to bring your production systems back online. Essentially, every IT outage produces two business outages, two periods of time when employees can’t do their work. Be sure that you’re taking that cold, hard fact into account in your planning.

The Solution

With Neverfail’s Continuity Engine (CE) providing total protection for critical business applications, 24/7 availability is ensured regardless of any threats to uptime. CE proactively detects application failure signatures and switches degrading applications to a hot standby server before application failure causes user downtime.

The benefits to CE include:

  • Complete protection for critical business services against application, server, network, storage, or site failures.

  • Built-in replication that greatly lowers the threshold for data loss by delivering near-zero RPOs and significantly reduces overall costs.

  • Expedited failover of any arbitrary collection of application components spread across multiple servers and recover them in designated priority order.

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