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Becoming an IT Superhero is more of a Bruce Wayne situation than that of Peter Parker. In fact, Neverfail’s IT Empowerment Suite imitates Batman’s powerful ability to train himself to physical and intellectual perfection while making use, to the best that he can, of his environment and tools. With four specifically crafted solutions, each one mighty on its own but stronger when used in conjunction with the the others, the Neverfail IT Empowerment Suite is premeditated to achieve modern day IT goals and act as the solution to all of your IT challenges.

With over 4,000 customers in 40 countries, Neverfail is committed and enthusiastic about delivering the IT Empowerment Suite and the goals it has helped a diverse portfolio of businesses achieve. The Empowerment Suite contains four major components – Cloud, Continuity, Connectivity, and Data Efficiency – each designed to accomplish a different objective all while reducing costs and enabling companies to achieve rapid scale. These four components, when all working together, deliver the most powerful IT service package in the industry. Here’s the breakdown of what goes into a Neverfail-powered service delivery organization:

1. Cloud:

Cloud computing is quickly becoming the foundational infrastructure for IT service delivery professionals in every industry. Whether it is delivering a production environment, failover site, or both, the cloud delivers a range of benefits from flexibility and security to on-demand scale and accelerated time to market. Neverfail Cloud Services are purpose built for resilience and scale and enable a business-specific approach to cloud (so that we can adapt to your business versus you adapting to our). With options for Private, Secure Multi-tenant, or Bare Metal builds, we ensure every level of security and affordability can be met easily.

2. Continuity:

Technology is now a key enabler of almost every business critical process. When it goes down, people can’t do their jobs and a business cannot continue. Neverfail Continuity includes services like RTO-driven Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) and Business Continuity Engine to offer the appropriate level of availability for every tier of application in your business. Whether addressing your mission critical applications that can’t be down or less crucial applications that have a greater tolerance, only Neverfail allows you to apply the right technology for each tier of application from a single vendor and platform. Your business continues without over-spending or creating unnecessary risk.

3. Application Delivery:

App delivery allows all businesses, including those within highly compliant industries, the ability to centrally deploy and deliver secure remote access to their data and applications through Neverfail Workspaces. For users, a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) policy allows access to their data at anytime, on any device, anywhere in the world – boosting productivity while keeping data safe. For companies, better application delivery is liberation from a VPN; enabling automated and orchestrated management of multiple customers, offices and remote users from a centralized web-based interface. Application delivery and automation just got easier with built-in security that protects your data from ransomware and other threats to data security.

4. Storage Optimization:

Reducing storage saves time and money while managing the explosive growth of data plaguing your data center and your budget. With hero-sized data deduplication and storage reduction for your on-prem, off-prem and cloud environments, HybriStor can save a company tens of thousands of dollars or more every month. With a Storage Optmization solution, companies are able to effortlessly reduce the amount of stored data and offer near instantaneous backup and recoveries with a “set it and forget it” model.

[blockquote author="-Eric Vaughn, CRO at Neverfail"]Reducing storage saves time and money while managing the explosive growth of data plaguing your data center and your budget. [/blockquote]

The IT Empowerment Suite is easy to understand, implement, and afford. As a whole, Neverfail’s IT Empowerment Suite prides itself on being the most affordable and comprehensive IT Services solutions in the market. As a “one stop shop” for all IT service needs, Neverfail becomes a single, dedicated partner as opposed to a deck of upwards of 8 vendors needed to accomplish the same tasks. Working with one, personalized partner reduces the cost of vendor management, employee time commitments, the risk of customer exposure, and reduces the possibility of a disaster/outage.

From promotions to Vice President or shout-outs in the company newsletter, Neverfail has been working to get IT Superheroes the recognition they deserve. Becoming a Superhero doesn’t just mean making your IT department stronger, it means making the entire business able to scale and remain resilient. With savings of $10, $20, even $30k per month, Neverfail has seen real life success stories of the transformation from IT Joe Shmoe to IT Superhero.

The fate of your company rests on your shoulders. 2017 has shown no promise of slowing down on the rapid expansion of technology services, making this a crucial time to make or break the organization. By implementing Neverfail’s IT Empowerment Suite, not only will you be recognized in your company, but you’ll have a team of dedicated side-kicks ready to challenge any obstacle that gets in your way. Become the IT Superhero that your company so desperately needs by downloading the e-guide! We can’t wait to hear what you think.


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