Virtualization isn’t new, and thanks to leaders on the bleeding edge of the market - like VMware - most of us are already there. Now, with the combination of cloud and virtualization, the opportunity to reap more than you’ve sown is at your fingertips. Don’t believe us? Ask the thousands of one-man shops and corporate empires alike that take full advantage of uninhibited scale, cat-like agility, and reduced operating expenses.

While virtualization has been a game-changer, it’s also one of the most disruptive technologies of our time. Disruptive innovation is necessary, but it’s left a lot of organizations putting their eggs in one basket with no assurance that those eggs will actually be there in the morning. Don’t worry though. There are no wolves in this henhouse, just numerous threats to system availability like application failure, user error, scheduled maintenance, and the slight possibility of Godzilla trampling through your data center.

Organizations like VMware have done a great job keeping your base level applications readily available with VMware HA (high availability) – but most don’t realize this functionality won’t extend to mission-critical applications. Ya’ know, those applications and systems that cost a business thousands of dollars of lost revenue per hour (think e-commerce, stock brokers, and so on) or could even cost people their lives ( think e911 and security systems). Whether the forces of nature come down upon your data center or an IT guy trips on a cord, these systems require near-zero RPOs and RTOs within minutes.

But let’s not be so cynical; there is a solution. We’ve been doing this for 30 years and we’ve got your back (and we just so happen to be close friends with VMware).

While VMware is the best of the best when it comes to virtualization, there is a few reasons they aren’t known for their strides in business continuity, disaster recovery and failover. Here are the gaps:

1. Zero-Application Awareness
2. Application Intelligence Chasm
3. Non-VM Server Integration

Ready to fill the gaps? Contact us for a free demo of our industry leading business continuity management software. Your business depends on it (and we promise to make your life a lot easier)!

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